Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A Long Awaited Update

Its been a while since I posted here but have still been out and about and mostly with the Olympus.  Have been posting regularly to twitter but as some of you have asked and don't follow twitter I thought I'd put a few photos taken since the last posting on here.

A wheatear today on Seaton Wetlands

There have been quite a few snipe on Black Hole Marsh lately

and plenty of yellow wagtails too

A redstart at Lamberts Hill Castle

as well as some spotted flycatchers

A few sedge warblers have been passing through recently

and the little grebes appear to have been successful this year on the reserve.  Only the smallest chick appears to still be dependent on its parents.

There have been a few little ring plovers  

and this is one of the cattle egrets that hung around for a while.

There have been plenty of common sandpipers

and green sandpipers.

This white buzzard is regularly present over the marshes

and we are doing quite well for greenshanks at the moment. 

Finally the ruff thats been present of late but always distant.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Something Different With The EM1 Mark 2

I have really been enjoying using the new Olympus EM-1 Mark 2 so the last few days I've been trying something different by taking dragonflies and moths etc. over at Lower Bruckland Ponds and on Seaton Wetlands.  

Red Eyed Damselfly
Scarce Chaser

Banded Damselfly

Female Emperor

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars
Cinnabar Moth
Burnet Moth
Ringlet Butterfly

Meadow Brown Butterfly

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sand Martins Galore

Several hundred sand martins have been coming into feed on Black Hole Marsh during the day over this last week.  There have been a couple of house martins with them but otherwise the rest have all been sand martins.  It has been quite a sight to see so many.

 Both lots of kestrel chicks appear to be doing well and are growing fast now.  Here is one five days ago.

And here is one taken yesterday.  Quite a transformation.

And here's the hard working Mum

The swallows seem to be doing well and posing for cameras

and there are plenty of reed warblers letting their presence be known amongst the reeds.

This young little grebe was on Black Hole Marsh yesterday.  Unfortunately taken into the sun this was the only chance I got as it dived immediately and I couldn't locate it again.

And finally a few more sand martins.  They really have put on a good show.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

A Good Variety

Being out and about the last few weeks or so has yielded a few good birds away from my home patch.   I've travelled no further than Dartmoor, some Devon Commons and Dorset but as usual there is always plenty to see.  Probably the best sighting was this lesser spotted woodpecker that I never thought I'd ever see so close.  I won't bore you with all the photos I was able to get but it was a lot!

I haven't been able to see many yellow hammers this years so far so was pleased with this one that sat  in this tree singing for a good 10 minutes.

 A dartford warbler is always good at any time

as was this beautiful stonechat

There are certainly plenty of linnets around everywhere

and a pair of redstarts were nice too.

 The skylarks have been busy

A mandarin 

and a buzzard.  I do like a buzzard.

 Back on patch there was another avocet yesterday and this time it came a bit closer.

There have been plenty of black caps around

and the wheatears have continued to trickle through on Seaton Marshes